About us

From the documents in our possession, the company was founded October 25, 1956. Subsequently, the senior partner sold the company to shareholders in 1960 and Galli Caffagni. Since 1975 with the death of Mr. Caffagni is owned by the Galli family.

Since 2000 his son Daniel is the owner and sole director. It ‘s just the innovative thrust of his son Daniel, who leads the company to grow in technology and services, always based upon the lessons his father that the most important:
“.. serve the customer and solve their needs ”

We believed in computerization (1978), in mobile (1982), security and satellite monitoring (1992), internet and email
Always … but especially to our readiness and availability 24h .. and 366 days.

In 2013 called to carry out the first project for mobility with electric vehicles for the transport of goods and people to the city of Milan.